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Janus Associates has taken its name from Roman mythology; Janus, representing change, transitions and new beginnings.

Established in Calgary in 1976, Janus Associates is a group of registered psychologists and registered social workers, who together provide a broad range of counselling and consulting services to individuals and companies.

Janus Associates has built a solid reputation within the medical community and continues to respond to physician referrals concerning a wide range of psychological issues. Janus Associates is intimately familiar with workplace issues effecting employees, supervisors and management. We currently provide Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) and Preferred Provider Services (PPS) to a growing number of companies, ranging in size from 20 to 3000 employees.

All of Janus Associates' counsellors are formally trained, clinically experienced and professionally licensed, ensuring quality service backed by a governing body and a professional code of practice ethics.

Janus Associates is a division of Calgary Psychology Group

Partner Profiles


Marie Habke

Dr. Marie Habke // R.Psych.

Dr. Marie Habke, R. Psych. is a Clinical Psychologist and has 21 years experience in Employee Assistance Programs and private practice. In her work with adults, Dr. Habke treats issues such as stress, depression, perfectionism, interpersonal problems, loss and trauma. She is also a marital therapist and has a special interest in stepfamilies.

Helping employees manage in the workplace is an area of particular strength and she will often work with employers around managing employee situations at work, during disability, or return to work planning.

As a skilled presenter, Dr. Habke covers topics such as stress management, parenting, dealing with difficult people, and depression. Finally, Dr. Habke provides third party assessments for insurance companies and does predeparture screening and preparation for expatriating employees.

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Pat Ferris

Dr. Pat Ferris // MSW, RSW, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Pat has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work as well as Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Over her 30+ years in the mental health field, Pat has worked in every aspect of mental health ranging from institutions, emergency wards, and private practice. She currently provides service to both individuals and corporations. Pat oversees disability management of mental health issues for many companies.

Pat’s practice focuses on workplace issues such as Critical Incident Management and treatment in safety sensitive industries, employee stress, disability management, respectful workplaces, and the treatment and management of workplace bullying.

Pat developed a psychological first responder training program in 1997 which she has delivered across the country to safety sensitive industries. She is a member of several international associations including the Society for Occupational Health Psychology and the International Association for Workplace Bullying and Harassment where she is the Co-Convenor of the IAWBH Special Interest Group for Therapeutic Practitioners. She is currently leading an international project to determine which therapeutic interventions work best for the treatment of bullied individuals.

She publishes in top tier journals and frequently presents at conferences on these topics. Pat has been named a YWCA Women of the Year in the past and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Calgary Women’s Soccer Association for her work as a Past President on board governance.

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Calgary Team

Calgary Team

In our Calgary office, we have experienced counsellors at a Master’s or Ph.D. level. Each has a minimum of 10 years of experience. Given our broad range of specializations, we will be able to match your needs to a counsellor who can help.

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Our Network of psychologists across Canada consists of the same quality of providers in all of our locations. We work with registered and experienced providers across the country.

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