Being Human - Marie Habke

I really want to be able to say that I exercise every day.  That I always take my vitamins and that I meditate regularly.  That I am assertive in my workplace and manage conflict well.  That I am always nice to my child and to my dog.  That I don’t watch much TV or waste time on the internet and that I go to bed early.  That I never worry, am never anxious, and never think negatively.  I want that but honesty compels me to admit that I am not that person.  Sometimes that has me feeling like a hypocrite as I talk to others about doing (or not doing) exactly those things.  But I try and remember that it makes me human, and I hope, makes it easier for me to understand just how hard it can be to change, or to be less than perfect.  And I think it highlights just how easy it is to beat up on yourself.  So, I will promise to celebrate the days I take my vitamins or am assertive or get enough sleep, if you will too.