Depression - Marie Habke

There is a lot of information out around the symptoms of depression – poor sleep, poor concentration, low motivation, etc..  But somehow, the descriptions from my clients add a dimension that helps to understand better what depression is like. 

  • It is like being 400 pounds.  It is hard to drag yourself around, and takes a lot of energy to do even small things.  And people look at you and judge.
  • It is like walking in a fog.  It is gray and cold, and terribly lonely.  And you can’t see a way out.
  • It is like living in the bottom of a pit.  You know you should climb the latter to the top but it is such a long way and so hard to climb.
  • It is like being a robot - just going through the motions.  Not really believing in anything, including yourself or the future.  Not caring, not hoping.

When you hear from someone that they are struggling with depression, put yourself in one of these descriptions and it may help you to understand a bit better.