Workplace Issues

Work is probably our greatest time and energy commitment on any given week day. It can be a source of deep satisfaction or a source of overwhelming stress. The following areas of concern are often seen at Janus Associates:

Workplace Stress

  • Stress-related absenteeism costs approximately $3.5 billion per year.
  • Work-related mental health problems are estimated to cost 14.4 billion annually.
  • A whopping 62% of employees in a large sample said they were “very stressed at work.”
Workplace Stress

There are a number of different factors that can lead up to workplace stress. Typically, stress involves the feeling that one’s resources (skills, support, time, tools) are not up to the demands or expectations placed on them. This often results in someone feeling overwhelmed or pushed to their limits. Stress can result in several of other symptoms as well, from insomnia to anxiety to depression.

The answers to workplace stress are highly individualized. Sometimes it is about managing difficult and demanding individuals at work, sometimes it is about managing our own expectations of ourselves as an employee. We will help you sort out the root causes of your workplace stress and put together a plan for managing it better.

Workplace Safety

Safety in work places is a shared responsibility between the employee and the employer. For the employee, it is critical to understand the impact of:

  • Shift work
  • Poor sleep
  • Reduced concentration
  • Recklessness related to work pressures
  • Impact of Mental Health issues

Click here to view the psychological foundations of safety.

Click here to take the Fatigue Severity Scale.

Worklife Balance

Along with workplace stress comes the challenge of meeting work demands and demands from home and family. Many jobs are capable of taking over our lives in terms of both time and energy. When this means we can’t be available for family routines and events, there may be conflict with a spouse or child(ren). We often talk with clients about ways to make sure they are healthy and that their family is healthy.

Workplace Bullying

There are two broad factors when considering whether workplace bullying has occurred: a) the behavior must be repeated or there must be a number of bullying behaviors and b) intent. To be considered bullying, a person must be repeatedly targeted with a negative behavior and the behavior of the person in question must at least have the appearance of intent. The strictest definition of bullying says that behaviors must be experienced at least weekly for a period of six months. Below are some behaviors that are commonly considered to be workplace bullying:

  • Being singled out for different and irrational treatment
  • Continual criticisms and attempts to undermine you and your achievements
  • Being isolated from colleagues and information needed to do your job
  • Being humiliated in front of others
  • Having work duties suddenly changed with no reason given - usually with less authority and more responsibility
  • Being set up to fail - as when someone in authority rearranges your schedule and how you do your work and then gives you a bad review due to how they have rearranged it
  • Gossip, complaints and slander about you being spread to other staff or to management - without your being able to respond to such complaints nor told even what they are
  • Having vacations, sick days and compassionate leave refused or held up unnecessarily or longer than other staff
  • Being subjected to disciplinary procedures without prior verbal or written warnings for trivial or fabricated reasons and without proper investigation
  • Being coerced into leaving through no fault of your own - as in constructive dismissal, medical leave, etc.


Wellness Tools

Some Janus EFAP’s include enhanced services to employees, including Wellness Tools. These will be integrated into your total treatment plan with Janus, on the recommendation of your assigned professional. These include:

Holistic Nutrition

Given the growing research on the influence of diet on mental health issues as well as physical conditions that can create distress, Janus offers consultation with our Holistic Nutritionist as part of a complete treatment program.

Fitness Assessment and Planning

Exercise is one of the most effective anti-depressants and good health is important and strongly linked to mental health. Engaging in some form of physical activity is often part of a mental health treatment plan. We work with certified fitness professionals to provide our clients with fitness programs that are appropriate for their level of health, fitness level, financial ability, and interest.

Wellness Portal

An additional enhanced service that your company may have contracted with Janus Associates is the Wellness Portal.  Janus partners with Inliv to deliver comprehensive online or app driven access to:

  • Assessment Tools - A research proven Health Risk Assessment inventory
  • Fun Wellness Challenges - over 40 challenges to inspire change and measure Return On Investment
  • Education - monthly newsletters written by INLIV’s health professionals
  • Health Coaching - that connects individuals with coaching programs tailored to individual need
  • Reporting Capabilities - aggregate reports generated
  • Rewards and Incentive Program - custom designed rewards and incentive programs – hundreds of product choices
  • On-line video Library - over 1600 videos to view in multiple subject matters including: fitness, nutrition, specific conditions