Our Core Services

Workplace Safety

For Your Employees

As a high quality EAP, we have registered and experienced professionals who will help employees and their families if they are struggling with issues like:

  • Workplace issues or worklife balance
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Addictions...see more

Helping Companies to Help Employees

But more than just being there for employees, we are also focused on supporting the corporation when there are difficulties managing events or employees. These include:

Disability and Substance Use Management

Janus Associates has a comprehensive approach to disability and substance use management that follows a three stage model: Formulate, Follow, Finalize.

We emphasize collaborative problem solving among professionals on a treatment team and include the employee. Janus treatment professionals will provide a thorough psychological assessment including, where indicated, psychological testing. Our professionals will then provide recommendations as to anticipated time off work and specific accommodations required upon return to work. We will continue to follow the employee and engage with the team until return to functional capacity has been achieved.

Support in Critical Incidents

Janus Associates provides a 24 hour/7 day a week emergency call line for critical incidents. If your company experiences a workplace injury, death, or a distressing incident, Janus Associates can provide you with psychological incident management and crisis counselling to your employees, their families and their community. Our medical answering service forwards emergency calls to the on call professional.

Consultation on Employee Performance

At times, an employer is faced with a difficult employee and there is some confusion around understanding the factors involved. Questions can arise around contributions of mental health, stress, interpersonal difficulties, personality, or skill deficits. This is particularly confusing for employees who have a history of strong performance but show a change over time. Sorting out these questions and formulating a plan can mean retaining and maximizing the performance of a good employee, or a confident move towards termination. Janus professionals can help to sort out those questions.

Families Forever Program

Janus Associates believes that families are our most important resource and is committed to helping employees develop and maintain strong family relationships. As an employee of a company that has an Employee and Family Assistance Program with Janus Associates, you may be eligible to have access to the Families Forever Program. This program allows employees to access help in the following 3 areas:

I. Information from professionals on a wide variety of family-related issues and topics including:

  • 1. Child Development – ages and stages
  • 2. Positive Parenting
  • 3. Parenting Teenagers
  • 4. Supporting Ageing parents
  • 5. Being a Good Dad
  • 6. Being a Good Partner
  • 7. Strengthening Marriage
  • 8. Minimizing the impact of separation and divorce
With one phone call, employees can access reputable information in a format that works for them – through videos, websites, tip sheets, book lists, etc. - at a time that works for them. Rather than the overwhelming amount of information that is available through searching, this information has been chosen for quality and helpfulness.

II. Help in searching for relevant local resources, including:

  • 1. Support Groups
  • 2. Family services
  • 3. Community resources
III. Advice on best steps forward. Often employees have questions about what exactly they need at any given time – should they come for counselling, should their family member talk to someone, what to do if…. Our qualified professional will take time to understand their situation and give advice regarding choices for next steps.

Call Janus Associates at 403 269-9600 or 1 877 269-9666 to access.

Child Development—Ages and Stages

Positive Parenting

Parenting Teenagers

Ageing Parents

Being a Good Dad

Being a Good Partner

Strengthening Marriage

Minimizing the Impact of Separation and Divorce

Maximizing Your Company’s Wellness

Speakers and Training

Our workshops are available in one-hour, half-day, and full-day formats. Some of our talks are outlined below but we are pleased to custom design workshops and training.

  • An Island of Peace in a Sea of Chaos - evidence-based stress management
  • Assert Yourself
  • Behavioral Health - role of our thinking and belief systems in our commitment to health
  • Brain Drain – how our everyday behavior creates a stress chain reaction that could put us at higher risk for accidents
  • Change Management
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Depression
  • How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen; How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk
  • No Ifs Ands or Butts: A Smoking Cessation Workshop
  • Overcoming Anxiety at Work
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Resilience Strategies Applied to Home and Work
  • The Balancing Act - looks at the challenges of balancing work and personal demands.

Our training programs are generally conducted over at least one or two days and can require a commitment to further follow-up.

  • Creating a High Performance Work Team
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Team Building using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Interpersonal and Team Skills Training
  • Psychological First Response to Critical Incidents – People Assistance Leaders (PALS) Program

Supervisor Training

Sometimes, supervisors require focused training to supplement growing skills in management. These sessions may be included as part of larger program development, or may include the following:

  • Creating Resilience: Individual and Organizational Partnership
  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Understanding and managing psychological harassment in the workplace
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Skills for New Managers


The expertise available at Janus Associates allows for an enhanced EFAP experience, for those companies who are looking for more.

Workplace Safety

For Your Employees

Sometimes, a company sees as special need for an employee and/or family member that cannot be met by an existing EFAP. Janus Associates professionals will help, and we can direct bill the company or through extended benefits as instructed by company HR/management.

Executive EFAP

Often, in companies that have an existing EFAP, there is a reluctance for senior management to access services. This may reflect assumptions about the EFAP – for example, that the counsellor will not understand that the issues they face are different from other employees – or a concern that they will meet an employee in the waiting room. Janus Associates will provide high quality, Ph.D. level professionals to meet with your company’s senior management and direct bill to you, with all the anonymity of a standard EFAP.

Helping Companies to Help Employees

Workplace Bullying Management

Workplace bullying is one of the most damaging psychological experiences a person can have. Bullying is also a financial, cultural and retention hazard to organizations. We provide a comprehensive approach to managing:

a) the potential for bullying in an organization,
b) the treatment of those targeted and the coaching of those who are identified as abrasive and;
c) training and consultation for the prevention of workplace bullying.

Our experts have received training from the Boss Whispering Institute and partner with international experts such as Dr. Gary Namie and David Yamada, professor of law at Harvard and Evelyn Field in Australia, noted author of Bully Blocking books.

Workplace Safety Program

It is critical to economic, physical, and mental health that workplaces address safety.Workplace Safety

  • In Canada 1,097 workers were killed in job-related activity (illness and accidents) in 2005. That is an average of five deaths per average working day, making Canada’s workplace fatality rate one of the highest in the industrialized world.
  • In addition, according to Statistics Canada in 2007, workplace injuries were reported in well over half a million Canadian Workers.
  • According to the Workers Compensation Board, factoring in direct and indirect costs, the total costs of occupational injuries to the Canadian economy, can now be estimated to be more than $19 billion annually.

Janus Associates will partner with you on developing a safety-focused program for your unique worksite, and deliver training focused on maximizing alertness and adherence to safety protocols.

Expatriate Assessment and Preparation

An international posting is a huge commitment for an employee and an employer. The costs of a failed placement can be staggering – it can be a career killer for an employee and a financial and reputational blow to a company. If a family is placed, there is even more potential for a posting to not go well. So, the decision is a critical one and should not be made entirely on an employee’s work history.

At Janus Associates, we offer a complete psychological assessment of an employee and their family to rule out concerns that may compromise a posting and to help consider individualized supports that will make the posting a success. In addition, we help employees and families understand how they can make the move less stressful.

Maximizing Your Company’s Performance

Implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (The Standard) 

A new standard has been developed and introduced into the Canadian labor market. Building on the principals of physical safety at work, this standard relates to psychological safety at work. This Standard is currently voluntary but it sets a benchmark for organizations wishing to increase employee engagement through optimal psychological health and reduce costs as a result of psychological injury. Standards set by the Canadian Standards Association set ‘Best Practices’ for organizations. Janus Associates has been working with companies to implement these best practices and is available for consultation and training.

Workplace Health Risk Assessment

Through our EFAP and in partnership with Inliv, we offer a comprehensive program that integrates psychological and mental health assessment and treatment. Starting with an employee health risk assessment that includes self-report of health practices and stressors as well as medical assessment of key health indicators, we and our partners can provide all the supporting practices to improve and maintain health including a health portal, access to apps, and fun challenges.

Wellness Tools

Holistic Nutrition

Given the growing research on the influence of diet on mental health issues as well as physical conditions that can create distress, Janus Associates offers consultation with our Holistic Nutritionist as part of a complete treatment program.

Fitness Assessment and Planning

Exercise is one of the most effective anti-depressants and good health is important and strongly linked to mental health. Engaging in some form of physical activity is often part of a mental health treatment plan. We work with certified fitness professionals to provide our clients with fitness programs that are appropriate for their level of health, fitness level, financial ability and interest.

Wellness Portal

Janus Associates partners with Inliv to deliver a comprehensive wellness portal, accessed online or through various apps on a smart phone. We provide seamless referral across all components of wellness and psychological services. Our wellness portal offers:

  • Assessment Tools - A research proven Health Risk Assessment inventory
  • Fun Wellness Challenges - over 40 challenges to inspire change and measure Return On Investment
  • Education - monthly newsletters written by INLIV’s health professionals
  • Health Coaching - that connects individuals with coaching programs tailored to individual need
  • Reporting Capabilities - aggregate reports generated
  • Rewards and Incentive Program - custom designed rewards and incentive programs – hundreds of product choices
  • On-line video Library - over 1600 videos to view in multiple subject matters including: fitness, nutrition, specific conditionse

Your Choice

In order to be flexible for any company’s needs, Janus Associates offers their services on an as-needed basis, without the need for an ongoing contract for EFAP services. This means that your company can use Janus therapists to meet the needs of an employee and/or family member that cannot be met by an existing EFAP. Or, you can use our training services, our program development, or our Executive EAP. If you need an expatriate assessment, or help with a workplace bully, Janus can help. Please contact us for information on any of our services.


The advantages of using Janus Associates as your EFAP delivery option include:


In the last decade Janus Associates has had a greater than 90% retention rate with corporate clients. Our corporate turn-over has only been related to acquisitions and mergers where the purchasing company has an existing service. There is minimal turn-over in therapeutic staff and this allows us to have a strong base of clinical expertise.


We have the ability to tailor Janus Associates services to the unique needs of our corporate client, and to collaborate with the organization’s existing resources. The employer decides how many hours are available to employees, whether the EFAP covers families as well, and what portion of the fee the company covers. We are able to bill through to extended benefits providers if the company chooses this option for funding.


Janus Associates structures our business relationships to be open and transparent. Billing is fully accounted for and issues are discussed and resolved openly. We say what we will do and we do it, we are open about issues or concerns and are flexible in program delivery. With Janus Associates, you know what you are buying.


The Janus model of service delivery has always reflected a “hands-on” relationship building approach, responsive to corporate client and individual client needs. We are committed to fulfilling our promise to be there to help. We believe that being headquartered in Calgary is key to our ability to be responsive to Calgary clients.