Families Forever Program

Janus Associates believes that families are our most important resource and is committed to helping employees develop and maintain strong family relationships. As an employee of a company that has an Employee and Family Assistance Program with Janus Associates, you may be eligible to have access to the Families Forever Program. This program allows employees to access help in the following 3 areas:

I. Information from professionals on a wide variety of family-related issues and topics including:

  • 1. Child Development – ages and stages
  • 2. Positive Parenting
  • 3. Parenting Teenagers
  • 4. Supporting Ageing parents
  • 5. Being a Good Dad
  • 6. Being a Good Partner
  • 7. Strengthening Marriage
  • 8. Minimizing the impact of separation and divorce
With one phone call, employees can access reputable information in a format that works for them – through videos, websites, tip sheets, book lists, etc. - at a time that works for them. Rather than the overwhelming amount of information that is available through searching, this information has been chosen for quality and helpfulness.

II. Help in searching for relevant local resources, including:

  • 1. Support Groups
  • 2. Family services
  • 3. Community resources
III. Advice on best steps forward. Often employees have questions about what exactly they need at any given time – should they come for counselling, should their family member talk to someone, what to do if…. Our qualified professional will take time to understand their situation and give advice regarding choices for next steps.

Call Janus Associates at 403 269-9600 or 1 877 269-9666 to access.

Child Development—Ages and Stages

Positive Parenting

Parenting Teenagers

Ageing Parents

Being a Good Dad

Being a Good Partner

Strengthening Marriage

Minimizing the Impact of Separation and Divorce

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