Hardest Job - Marie Habke

I have the hardest job in the world. I don’t mean being a psychologist, I mean being a parent. It seems so easy when it is in the abstract. But kids don’t come with manuals. I know there are many many parenting books out there and they are all helpful in some ways, but you still have to figure out what to do about a Girl Guide uniform that was forgotten at home or whether or not to push eating breakfast. And so much of parenting happens in the moment and quite frankly, there is no time to turn to the books or even take a minute to think things through while your child is yelling at you. I think we all need to be kind to ourselves and not beat ourselves up for not being a perfect parent because it is a tough job. I read somewhere that it is not the goal of a parent to not make mistakes but rather it is to equip our kids with the tools to handle the mistakes that we make; I try to take that advice on a regular basis.