Pets - Marie Habke

There is a lot of research now on how animals can be good for our physical and emotional health. And there is something soothing about stroking a cat and hearing the purr. But pets, those animals that share our lives, offer something more. I think they bring two important things to us; they share our emotional space and their joy. By being present, in the nap on the bed or in the garden while we work, and not demanding of us (except for the truly needy Golden Retriever I once met and my cats at feeding time), they keep us company. And whether it is the quiet joy of a cuddle or the boundless joy of an off-leash park, they make us just a little happier. They do come with a cost both financial and emotional - having lost 2 Labradors who both had multiple surgeries, I know this for sure. But every pet I have ever had has brought more to my life than they have taken away.