Preferred Provider ServicePhysicians

Janus Associates has provided psychological services to the Calgary medical community since 1976. As a practising physician, you may choose to recommend the services of a psychologist to assist your patients with the mental, emotional or stress aspects of their health concerns. Janus Associates would like to be that service provider.

Why Refer to Janus Associates?

Janus Associates has ten psychologists on staff with expertise and experience in various areas of psychological practice (see Counselling Services). All are chartered by the College of Alberta Psychologists and, as such, are regulated by a governing body with a professional code of ethics and fee guidelines.

Janus offers same-day crisis intervention, flexible hours and prompt access to counselling appointments. Janus Associates is centrally located with ample parking.

The psychologists at Janus Associates believe that an integrated model of health and wellness is most effective for patient care. We are willing to and prefer to work in collaboration with physicians to provide such care to your patients.

We are extremely fortunate to have the consultation services of an internationally known Integrative Medicine specialist from the discipline of Psychiatry.  Consultation services are available to Janus clients and can help to inform patients and their treatment team on issues around medications or adjuncts that may support their care.

HealthCare Benefits and Insurance

Psychological counselling is not usually covered by Alberta Health Care. However, many patients will have coverage (sometimes referred to under paramedical services) through employer benefits, employee assistance programs or health insurance plans. All of Janus's services are eligible for coverage under extended benefits/insurance plans.