Pornography - Marie Habke

With all the changes in our acceptance of sexuality I sometimes feel pressured to be okay with porn as a form of sexual exploration and expression. With the exclusion of child pornography obviously, it’s a “victimless crime” if everyone is getting paid, right? But I just can’t see it that way. While the women who participate are at some level choosing to do so, I do worry about long-term impact on self-image and self-worth when your ‘private’ self is exposed and you are viewed as an object, not a person. I also worry about the consumers of porn, who are really setting themselves up even if they don’t realize it. We are seeing more and more men who have attached their sexual desire to distorted views of women who they will probably never find, or at least rarely find in a mother of their children. I think pornography is also creating an escalation in what stimulates desire – we can see the movement from pictures to videos, to chats, to e-interactions, to more extreme expressions of distorted sexuality. While not everyone is going to act out what they see, each is taking us farther and farther away from real relationships. There are indeed victims, and I fear that each generation will see more of them.