Steadiness - Marie Habke

Some years ago I went for a hike with my brother.  Because he was an avid hiker/climber, I expected that he would quickly leave me behind.  Instead, I left him in the dust while he adopted this steady, plodding pace – you know I teased him about it.  Half way up the hill, he passed me because I was too winded to keep going, and we caught up again after he had hit the top and come back down.  I learned a few things that day;

  1. Don’t go hiking with my brother.  (I later found out that he can keep up that pace forever).
  2. Pacing is important.  You need to be able to finish (a challenge, a project, a race) and starting out slow may be the way to ensure you get there. 
  3. You get to the top by putting one foot in front of the other.  Doing that faster just takes more energy – it doesn’t change the end result.